Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where You Can Get Family As They?

Being a collage students is the sweetest moment to all of us especially if we go from out of our country. Why I'm say so??? Okay, it is because we can learn new something from them. I mean their language and culture. But what about place huh?? To visit from one place to another place is not easy if we don't have a transportation.
You are so lucky if you can get a adoptive families or best friend that can bring you out for walk around the place. Because it can save your budget and you can visit a fantastic  place.

Along I was in Sarawak, I was met Erwin family. They are very kind family I ever meet because they never consider me as an outsiders. They always treat me as their family. Beside that, they also bring me out together and spend time together.

Here are some of our pictures :)

p/s: I love all of them :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bye Sarawak & Hello Sabah

Hello, hello & hello..

After 4 months at Sarawak, finally I'm back to my lovely hometown (Sabah) & I will be here for 2 months for semester break.. Yeahhh!!!

Today I though I can go to KK but unfortunately a long way from Tamparuli to KK are jam because of the BORNEO BIKE from overseas.. cause of that situation, we had no mood to continue our plan then my brother in law make U turn and we back to home.. huhu.. T_T 

However, I'm proud and happy because their choose Sabah as a place for their activity. :) and I believe that Sabah has many wonderful place for the tourist visit.. :) ..

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Simple Post!

Sorry for the slowdown in update! I don't have to give a reason for that cos as usual, I don't have any interest story or idea to post. This is only short or quick leaving post and will blog more detail later as soon as possible (don't trust to much with it) ..hahaha..

So, before I start it, Let me wish you guys HAPPY NEW YEAR even its already in February.

Here the story begin. Starting in January 2012 I had been busy with my assessment, and had a lot of assignment especially for English For Professional Communication subject. Its not easy to done it plus I had 'sleeping' group member. And it was suck!

Other than that, I was infected with allergic a few days ago! But I'm not it is allergic or what cos i just hear from the doctor said bla bla bla and he said that I need to be inject. And I don't know where it come from cos I never had allergic before. It was really really really kill me! :(

Here it is!

Okay, that's all for today. I feel sleepy and need to have enough rest cos tomorrow I will have a Futsal Tournament! :P

Take care and good night :)